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A possible "Scenario Subject" ... It is NOW January 2021 ... (Aim High - visualise the IDEAL) ... eg ...

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"While others (our competitors and/or similar organisations) have struggled with the uncertainties and changes of Brexit, we HAVE improved OUR performance; our organisation is stronger, income and profits are up; our share price is flying; our culture is confident and proactive; our people are creative, decisive and risk-taking and PROUD ... etc, etc" ..........

Visualise and IDEAL future

4 to 6 delegates - a four hour tailor-made

JANUS Creative Planning  workshop £450

A HALF PRICE Trial Offer


Call or email Rick Whitehead to discuss how Janus MIGHT  benefit your people.

Click the example 4 hour agenda below to expand it and/or follow this link to download a pdf copy (black fonts on white background) or click here for the same programme expanded to 8 hours.

2020 WILL be a challenging year in the UK!  Remainers view a "hard brexit" as Armageddon, brexiteers see the dawn of a new golden age!

Our advice to pragmatic executives in any sector is ignore the politicians! Get creative and control your own future using Janus Creative Planning

Remember - "you can only control what YOU CAN control ...... but you CAN CONTROL what you can control !" - think about it !


4 to 6 delegates - an EIGHT hour tailor-made

JANUS Creative Planning  workshop £450

and a TWICE AS GOOD Offer !

The Rationale

With no real difference in the content, it is the practical work with delegates' own scenarios that takes up

the extra time. It's no real extra cost to me (Rick) to spend a day with a client against half a day; and if I

achieve better results for the client, everybody benefits.

The Negative?

The REAL cost is in executive time. To minimise this the 4 hour workshop can be any 4 hours in a day and the 8 hour workshop can be any 2 x 4 hours in a day - eg 7.00 to 11.00 and 15.00 to 19.00

And I (Rick) am prepared to visit you to introduce and demonstrate Janus for no charge and no obligation

01494 589 889 or 07831 345 373

Let us help you celebrate whatever happens in 2019. Janus thinking can help you get creative during the period of uncertainty, however long it lasts; and then to take advantage if changes are objectively good for you; and to still take advantage even if they are bad! - how to be creatively pragmatic and positive.

NB: the same 8 hour offer for 4 to 6 delegates applies to "JANUS Strategic Teambuilding" 

....... WHAT MUST HAVE HAPPENED - that we CAN control ?

NB: The same Scenario could apply to any pragmatic individual (even "competing" internally!)

"While others (my competitors/colleagues) have struggled with the uncertainties and changes of Brexit, I HAVE improved MY performance; I am better organised, I have hit more targets and achieved more priority objectives; I have enjoyed both the challenge and other people making excuses! (for their failure!)  ... etc, etc" ..........