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JANUS creative planning

  • The "Away Day" Effect - being "forced" to down tools and reflect, discuss, debate with colleagues

  • CREATIVITY - being "forced" to decide to be creative and apply creative disciplines to real challenges

  • The Comfort Zone - being "forced" to anlyse ones own comfort zone and inhibitors to personal growth

  • Time Saving - being "forced" to stop and consider CAUSES, rather than treating symptoms

  • They really are WORKshops! Delegates work on their own challenging situations and take away solutions and plans.

The BENEFITS of a Bespoke Workshop

Personal coaching is arranged for mutual convenience; we recommend 4 hour sessions - ANY 4 hour period; egs: early morning, a long lunch, evening, or weekend. Usually two sessions are sufficient.

Personal 1-2-1 COACHING

Bespoke Workshops can be a full day or half a day (ANY 4 hours in a day) any location / venue - 4 to 6 delegates


Truly BESPOKE -  JANUS training can't NOT be 100% tailor-made !

  • Integrated into client training programmes - the "guest appearance", only chargng for time we are there

  • Integrated into other Impetus tailor-made training for clients (at no extra charge)

  • a "Lunchtime Learning" workshop to introduce Janus - the "lunchtime" can any 2 hours in any day  - fee £625 for up to 6 delegates

We NEED to research, liaise, brief, consult with clients AND individual delegates to deliver any Janus training - see examples

Other Options

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call or email Rick Whitehead

01494 589 889

or 07831 345 373

The Bespoke WORKSHOP

Browsers will note references to "2, or 4 to 6 delegates". This is because we are heeding the epigram: "the only good objectives are ACHIEVABLE ones" and these are the ideal numbers for LEARNING Janus. Rick can present Janus to large audiences, but his objective would be to SELL, rather than teach. Our prices say "up to 6 - extra £100, but this is for a (longer) full day and for 8 or more delegates we would try to sell you two or more workshops!