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Janus doesn't "USE" time because it adds an extra dimension to our "automatic" thought processes

Users become instinctively creative - aware of the assumptions which ARE influencing their judgement

Users automatically ask themselves "is there a BETTER way?" and weigh up options in a matter of seconds

The process promotes new attitudes to challenge and change - a CREATIVE Positive Mental Attitude

Aspiration and Visualisation

Mind Mapping

Lateral and CREATIVE Thinking

SWOT Analysis

The JANUS Skill Set - skills developed and refined while learning and applying JANUS

Janus will benefit most those in roles thst require them to be self-motivated and use their initiative to achieve results.

Problem Solving

CREATIVE Strategic Planning

Time Management

Self Awareness

JANUS can be used EVERY DAY for any ongoing or upcoming task

- AND for creative Strategic Planning - see examples

JANUS can be learned in just a few hours and then quickly becomes a “a new, CREATIVE, way of thinking”

ANYONE can be creative and think laterally - "outside the box".

Users simply have initially to DECIDE to be creative. Below are 3 "epigrams" to think about now (see tools)

1.  "Trying harder MAY be enough - much better though to consciously think of DIFFERENT ways"

2.  "When you have exhausted all the possibilities, remember this ..... YOU HAVEN'T!"

Janus CREATIVE planning


3.  And Abraham Lincoln said: "The best way to predict your futue is to CREATE IT !"

One of the major benefits of JANUS - and aims from its conception - is for it to be a valuable tool for VERY BUSY PEOPLE.

JANUS Creative Planning enables people to make SWIFT, ambitious decisions, aim high and take risks confidently.