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  • I conducted Peter’s appraisal successfully - it went smoothly and constructively.

  • Our company has grown organically by 12%.

  • We have trimmed costs by 10% and all team members are pulling together enthusiastically.

  • Key people in different departments are asking for my help (a newly appointed training manager)

  • Our annual conference was the most successful ever, despite costing less than previous years.

  • Dave (a 55 year old teacher) is contributing open-mindedly and enthusiastically.

  • Raw material costs are lower, yet we have increased production.

  • Both Range Selling and Upselling performances and results have dramatically improved (a retailer)

  • All team members are fully engaged - feeling pride in their contribution, valued and respected.

  • Quality control is at its highest ever and wastage at its lowest.

  • New working practices have been accepted by all - enthusiastically.

  • We have 25 new regular clients all spending over £60 a month (a hair salon).

  • We have taken 10% market share from our major competitor, despite us raising and them lowering prices.

  • I am recognised as a successful salesperson by my company, my peers and my customers.

  • I am spending 25% less time driving, yet have increased sales on my region.

  • My Easter sermon was a great success (a vicar).

  • Receptionists and nurses (a dental practice) are working together harmoniously.

  • I have opened 25 new accounts, while retaining all existing ones.

  • All our front line staff are consistently praised and thanked by customers for their help and assistance

  • Joe Bloggs and Co (name changed) are now stocking our full range of products.

Thus before workshops or coaching, delegates are briefed to select, using a template provided, an important and challenging job situation (Scenario) to work on during their learning. They also, during workshop/coaching, identify subjects to work with afterwards. Thus 90% of a programme is devoted to them using their own Scenarios as the vehicles for learning.

They are "Scenario Subjects" and the first step of JANUS, after deciding a subject, is: "visualise and describe your future scenario" - ie: expand the one sentence into a full description of your future success

- usually between a half and two pages.

Below are a range of examples, of subjects/Scenarios delegates have worked with. We ensure that Scenarios used are always difficult challenges/problems, or high reaching goals. In the first, for example, Peter is normally very negative and defensive! In the sixth, Dave the teacher is just waiting for early retirement; and in the last one, Joe Bloggs and Co don’t currently stock any products.

Example Scenario Subjects used while learning Janus Creative Planning

taking away solutions and / or strategies to REAL situations provides an immediate return on

the training investment

STEP 1 of Janus Creative Planning is to visualise and describe your ideal future and "step 1 of step 1" is to select a "scenario subject" - the challenge or problem or high reaching goal you are going to work on.

It is important to note that no JANUS has been

applied to any of these examples yet.