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JANUS creative planning


Rick Whitehead, creator of Janus, visualises his "baby" (see birth of Janus) being used to help as many people as possible reach their potential.

So he is happy to accept all the help he can!  From L&D or HR Managers or others to disseminate Janus throughout their organisation.

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  • A Trainer's Binder with all notes, instructions and references. This will be tailor-made for each Trainer and their organisation.

The Trainer's TOOL KIT

Train the Trainer Personal coaching follows the same structure as the Workshop - ie learn Janus for personal use first, using own "case studies" and challenges; and then moving on how to use the Tool Kit and disseminate the principles.

1-2-1 COACHING for Individual Managers / Trainers

  • A full day for 2 to 4 delegates - £1,250 including a Janus TOOL KIT..


Train-the-Trainer for unlimited IN-HOUSE delivery and use

Train-the-Trainer Bespoke WORKSHOPS

  • Fully researched to be 100% tailor-made to delegates' roles, their organisation AND ideally the roles of their colleagues they wish to develop.

  • A Certifiacte confirming the right to use and teach Janus in their organisation and reproduce all materials except the guide books "Janus Creative Planning" and "Janus for Salespeople" and "a Little Book of Epigrams", which must be sourced from Impetus.

  • 4 hours (approx) on strategies (priorities, realities) of disseminating Janus, including up the line, eg Directors - and applying the principles to "case studies" (individual colleaguse, or roles) and developing Action Plans

  • Digital Copies (for editing as they wish) of slide shows on Janus, Creative Thinking and Time Management.

  • Master copies for production as they wish of all "consumable" materials: notes, pocket guides, case studies, templates, etc.

  • Copies of Guides, "Janus Creative Planning" (and "Janus for Salespeople" if relevant) and "a Little Book of Epigrams"

  • 4 hours (approx) learning and applying Janus to delegates' own scenarios, egs, galvanizing someone to admit they can improve, or inspiring a cynical or defensive colleague to WANT to learn Janus!

Call or email Rick to arrange to meet,  no obligation of course,  01494 589 889  or 07831 345 373 -

The advantages of the personal coaching are that it is arranged for mutual convenience and is by definition totally personalised for the individual; the disadvantage is the absence of group interaction.