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The Case Studies in the Janus Guide (see tools) include: a discipline interview; realising an employee's potential; a challenging internal presentation; and an informal performance review (from both parties' points of view) And no less than 11 of our example scenario subjects are ones leaders/managers on workshops have chosen - see examples. So, if your "Associative Mind" is on form, just reading through the full list of examples will trigger ideas of people and situations you would like to "get creative" about - or you think others in your organisation should!

"Janus CREATIVE Leadership"  - bespoke course

"Janus CREATIVE Leadership" is an action-packed, extremely enjoyable, course designed to help people in any team leadership role be more successful.

a new way of thinking to optimise how leaders/managers can engage, inspire and galvanize their people

JANUS creative planning  for leaders


The Balloonpole

"Thanks very much for the course. It was unanimously enjoyed and I got messages from each of the managers

over the weekend to say how much they got out of it.

Peter Hall (right) Managing Director, Informa Exhibitions

Awaydays and Weekends

pause, reflect, refocus, fast forward

Janus CREATIVE planning is a remarkably effective conduit for strategic discussions in an “away from it all” environment. With Impetus consultants facilitating, the executive team can truly focus on the business in hand.

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The course is structured around a series of outdoor and indoor "tasks" which are all objectively measurable in NET PROFIT, with each

delegate, using both Janus Creative Planning® and The Seven

Responsibilities of the Team Leader, aiming to earn £1 million

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As well as JANUS, delegates learn / refine Experiential Profiling, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Motivation and the "Seven Responsibilities of the Team Leader".