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Ian Gillard

Ian is an ILM qualified Business Coach with 35 years commercial experience working with and for major UK Blue Chip companies, Ian has spent 20 years operating at a senior management level, latterly MD of one of the UK’s major sales brokerage companies.

the JANUS team

All vastly experienced and enthusiastic coaches and presenters who enjoy what they do and gain their satisfactions from the progress and results of their delegates and clients.

Ed Cooper Ian Gillard Rick Whitehead

Rick Whitehead

Rick founded Impetus in 1985 after a career in sales, marketing and training. He is author of 7 business books, including  the Team Synergy series, The Persusive Professional,  Januscreativeplanning   and Janus for Salespeople - see birth of Janus

Ed Cooper

Ed is a professional Learning and Development specialist who is CIPD trained and a fully qualified NLP practitioner, Time Line Therapist & Hypnotherapist (ABH). Ed's  passion is people and his intent is to offer everyone the opportunity to develop their future.

One of these will be your Account Director; one other will be "understudy" - equally in tune with your requirements and ready step up if necessary; then 1, 2, or more of us will work together to fulfill your needs. We guarantee the experience and expertise clients deserve.

He is also the creator of other unique learning solutions including Experiential Profiling, a "little book of epigrams", Share, Care, Communicate, the 7 Responsibilities of the Team Leader and Janus Creative Leadership - and his favourite "hobby" is designing experiential "tasks" for leadership, teamworking, selling, customer care - anything a client needs!

He is a popular and inspriring speaker, both because of his innovations and because he firmly believes that  "learning and training should be FUN!"



Cheryl Winter

Cheryl is a highly experienced coach and group facilitator, is ILM Qualified, an NLP Master Practitioner and a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD.

Greatly informed by the principles of Clean Language and Mindfulness, Cheryl has a remarkable talent for helping people create sustainable and life changing strategies which allow their inner talents to emerge - strategies which include Janus creative planning   !