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JANUS for Salespeople

With JANUS scenario SELLING, the salsperson uses creative questioning to help the CUSTOMER visualise and describe ideal outcomes and success that the salesperson will then contribute towards achieving - working in partnership.

Workshop 2. JANUS scenario SELLING

Using Janus creative PLANNING, delegates design original strategies to, egs: raise strike rate, improve journey planning, time management, hit "impossible" targets! They can also plan new, creative tactics to:

TWO stand-alone 4 hour workshops researched and prepared to be 100% relevant and deliver immediate RESULTS

and supported by a 36 page Guide, "JANUS for SALESPEOPLE", including Templates and Case Studies

ADVANCED strategic planning, time management and selling skills for any salesperson / negotiator at any

level and people in any role who ever pitch to, manage, partner with, etc, clients / customers / suppliers

Janus creative PLANNING and Janus scenario SELLING - potent new weapons for competitive salespeople

Janus Creative PLANNING must come first so that delegates possess the understanding and skills and have set themselves higher, nearly impossible, goals!

The Ideal JANUS for Salespeople Programme

Workshop 1. JANUS creative PLANNING

The ideal is to schedule two separate 4 hour modules - either on the same day, if that is logistically preferable, but better with a few days or weeks in between so delegates can practice, query, and receive (free) remote coaching.

call or email Rick Whitehead - [email protected] - +44 (0)1494 589 889 to discuss how Janus might benefit your salespeople or other executives

Every JANUS for salespeople programme is different, because the roles of delegates will always be different.

Then, as a final session in this module, they can identify individual customers or other stakeholders to target with JANUS scenario SELLING. The ideal number of delegates is six.

  • solve problems, develop a relationship, sell more of individual products or services; increase overall success; convert a key client, destroy a competitor! etc, etc.

NB Janus was originally coceived for salespeople / negotiators

(see birth of Janus)

developing PARTNERSHIPS with customers / clients / stakeholders