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"The MOST effective model for 'SERIOUS' teambuilding available - PROBABLY!"

1 or 2 day workshops for workplace teams

for 4 to 6 delegates from the same team, working on a 2020 TEAM SCENARIO and their own

individual ones - an 8 hour tailor-made JANUS Strategic Teambuilding workshop for just £450

- and ANY 8 hours in the same day - eg 7.00 to 11.00 and then 15.00 to 19.00 - see 2020?

JANUS Strategic Teambuilding

OPTION 1 - the team work with the TEAM SCENARIO only, providing uniquely productive teambuilding - to truly engage all with a common focus and motivation through objectively debating both the team's goals/priorities AND the strategies to achieve them. One or two day programmes - including challenging (and fun) teamworking activities. 

focussed on the team's role and objectives - AND HOW TO ACHIEVE THEM

researched and

tailor-made for

each team

OPTION 2 - the workshop focusses on the Team Scenario AND each individual team member is briefed to bring a personal challenge. The programme then includes syndicate work with team members helping each other, as well as working as a group on the Team Scenario. This option requires at least 8 hours and preferably two days.

call or email Rick Whitehead to

discuss how Janus Teambuilding

might benefit your teams

+44 (0)1494 589 889 or

+44 (0)7831 345 373

NB: for this option, where delegates aren't being coached individually, we are happy to accept teams of up  to 8.

The team leader / manager, as part of our research and consultation, receives personal coaching in JANUS and the JANUS Guide and Little Book of Epigrams.




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Our very special Strategic Tembuilding for 2020 offer

A JobCentrePlus Senior Management Team - plus Cheryl!