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JANUS creative planning

Pragmatic TOOLS to help people learn and then USE Janus Creative Planning

  • A full description and explanation of the 6 Steps to Janus Creative Planning

  • Examples of applications AND 7 full case studies for reference and understanding

  • Exercises & Templates to learn the DISCIPLINES of creativity and lateral thinking

  • Reference Notes on Time Management and Creative and Lateral Thinking


We also provide laminated A5 Reference Cards and Pocket Guides for delegates and have an ever-growing a library of case studies

The  GUIDE to Janus Creative Planning - a 48 page book containing:

"a little book of Epigrams" - THINK ABOUT IT!

"Tomorrow might actually be a better time to do it. So by all means put it off !" 

"The best way to get someone to do what YOU want is to focus 100% on what THEY want!"


a little book of Epigrams is a uniquely different way of learning the DISCIPLINES of creativity through self analysis and the group dynamic - learning to see yourself as others see you. The 51 epigrams in this (3rd) edition are all SERIOUS "words of advice" relevant to business and career.

Delegtates use the guide as a workbook on workshops and in coaching and spare templates are provided to encourage continuous use "back on the job".

They are presented in 5 sections:

  • creative positive thinking

  • managing your comfort zone

  • developing your true potential

  • influencing, inspiring and engaging

  • strategic thinking, creative planning


The overall message from all 51 epigrams is...


to be creative - to take risks - to aim high

to try new and different ways - to listen

to control your own future

AND ..

for salespeople at any

level, negotators, account managers etc, in any sector we have a special  36 page Guide,


AND ...

for executives in any role who need influencing skills, Rick's book

"The PERSUASIVE Professional"

  • The cover is illustrated below and the inside covers summarise the 6 steps to Janus - click to expand.