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Decision Making "Executives" in any role who need, in order to

maximise their effectiveness, to THINK - and can CHOOSE

how to best use (possibly extremely limited) resources

including people and TIME.


The process is in itself ENJOYABLE - there is a therapeutic

pleasure from defining success and then allowing your

"associative mind" to expand and describe it.

egs: directors, departmental heads, line managers, HR, L&D, business owners, buyers, etc, in any profession, civil service, charities, education, local government, marketing, advertising, PR, retail, manufacturing and many more!

And for Salespeople, Account Managers - any competitive business development people, at any level - we have Janus for Salespeople  including Janus Creative SELLING - how to develop and work in PARTNERSHIP with customers/clients.  

Janus is  easy to learn and easy to apply and quickly becomes a "new way of thinking" - saving, rather than using time.

Learning Janus reaps instant results because delegates work with their own real challenges and opportunities.

"a little book of Epigrams" (see tools) provides motivation as well as inspiration.

Janus is a potent weapon for people In competitive roles

- you can target the opposition and or specific clients in wickedly creative ways!

Aspiration techniques (HOW to Aim High); Associative Thinking Techniques; Lateral  and Creative Thinking; Problem Solving; Decision Making - AND how to  to acknowledge, specify and leave their comfort zones and TAKE RISKS - plus see CREATIVITY

Users learn / refine / improve their .....

see Janus for salespeople

Who would benefit from using Janus - and why should busy people give up time they haven't got in order to learn it ? !

Trainers and HR people who may want to deliver Janus themselves in-house please see in-house